Jewelry Inspired by Nature & Handmade in the Foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains

Hi, everyone!! My name is Georgia, and I’m the owner of Ammonite Swirls. ⁣My jewelry is inspired largely from my work as an ecologist.⁣⁣I’m so excited to introduce myself to you. Thank you for loving all things stones, mixed metals, encouragement, and pretty jewelry as much as I do.⁣⁣And, friend, I am so so excited to meet you. I don’t say this lightly or passively. Actually, I’m envisioning sitting across from you over warm matcha tea as I say this: I am so happy you are here. Not just following my page, but here - now - in my space. And welcoming me into yours. That is something really special and vulnerable, and I am so excited to connect with you.⁣⁣I don’t do small talk very well in large groups. A lot of the time, I come off a little awkward. But I do love to laugh and hear all about you. What you do, how many pets you dream of having, your favorite thing to do, how you plan your to-do list as you pour yourself a cup of coffee, realizing you can’t multitask to save your life. Hey, been there.⁣⁣So, if you’ve got a sec, will you DM me at my IG page @ammoniteswirlsjewelry to say hi? I cannot stress this enough - I want to hear from you!!⁣⁣So I’ll start: My name is Georgia :) I’ve been selling my jewelry for 8 years, I am a type one diabetic - who has a sweet tooth, I have an irrational fear of driving in the snow - yes, I live in Colorado, and I loooooove lemon bars - like, sweet and tart. Oooooh yummy!⁣In 2012 I relocated to Longmont from southern Colorado. Having just graduated from college, and having employment consisting of an unpaid internship and work in a doggy daycare, I knew I had to get creative to make ends meet so I started selling my handmade jewelry online. I had been creating jewelry since high school being influenced by my sister Tess and her masterpieces. I loved seeing all the colorful stones and beads splayed out across the table. Fast forward to the present moment, and my shop Ammonite Swirls has made tens of thousands of sales, has received countless 5-star reviews, and I even managed to pay off my student loans with the earnings from my art. As a creator, I am inspired by my other work as a freelance ecologist and conservationist working with a variety of independent consulting companies. If you’d like to follow my biology work you can do so at my personal instagram account @georgiaalopez.As a business owner I definitely have experiences some challenges. At times the road is smooth but there are bumps along the way. Struggles have a negative connotation in our culture, but I believe that these challenges are an opportunity for growth and learning. For the first four years, I would struggle with making sales and gaining appearance online. It takes a lot of time to learn the different online selling platforms, plus their algorithms change constantly.My confidence levels have been challenged in more ways than I can even imagine. One of the biggest is a sense of imposter syndrome when asked the question, “What do you do for a living?” I feel like some people don’t believe it is possible when I tell them that I make handmade jewelry and sell it on Etsy. They assume that I have a trust fund or something and that this is just a hobby. I don’t subscribe to the ideology of the starving artist. I think with hard work and patience one can thrive as a creative.My handmade jewelry business is called Ammonite Swirls. At my house, I set out all my color-coordinated stones and beads on my table, see what colors grab me at that time, and embark on a session to design a necklace or pair earrings. The specialty product that I create are hoops for nose, ears, septum and lip piercings. My customers love how they can order custom sizes of these hoops so that the fit can match their own unique style. Ammonite Swirls customizable body jewelry is what sets us apart from others.Thanks for reading-Georgia Read More

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