I design jewelry & create nose hoops that fit individuals' style. || From thin-thick, small-large, subtle-distinct ||

AmmoniteSwirls began after consistent encouragement from friends and family. For years I created all different styles of earrings and necklaces and gave them away to my loved ones. I was always so proud of my creations and excited to share them. Opening up the AmmoniteSwirls shop has given me the opportunity to create an exciting journey and adventure while sharing my fun, funky jewelry with the world. I believe strongly that jewelry has the ability to impact mood and can brighten someones day. This has been my goal - whether you already wake up ready to conquer your day, or you need a little, bright pick me up, I hope you have AmmoniteSwirls join you! Nothing but smiles and fun come out of this shop, and I hope you get a small part of this every time you order from me!

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